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The Executive Club (TEC) is a prestigious network of forward-thinking business owners, decision makers formed under the auspices of the Philippine Business Council.  TEC is a business platform where its members can share their experiences and explore opportunities through high profile events and activities aimed at growing the business community in the region.

Through its membership, TEC provides both an expansive business network and an opportunity to access club meetings and events scheduled throughout the year for business development.  To help businesses to stand out from the others, TEC also offers sponsorship opportunities.


  1.  Open only to SME & Corporate members of PBC
  2. Must be an entrepreneur, business owner or a decision maker of the company.


Please note that joining TEC means you must be an active PBC-DNE Corporate member.   Once you signed as a corporate member,  please inform the TEC team that you would like to join all TEC activities.  No additional fees is required.

*A member participant must use the four complimentary physical event passes within the membership year. The member may assign a proxy if he cannot attend, provided the proxy meets the membership criteria. Please inform the committee before you assign a proxy.  The member can use his proxy privileges twice for a physical event and twice for an online event. 


1. Check the corporate member level that is right for your organization.  Click here

2.  Register.  Submit your application here

3. If you still have questions about TEC, please send an email to secretary@pbc-dne.com or WhatsApp 0562443548 / 0501590139.


1.         A member can invite a guest provided the person meets the membership criteria.

2.         Any guest may only attend the TEC event once and must pay the cost deductible from the membership fee should he decide to sign on

3.         SME & Silver Corporate members are entitled to promote only one company and  one representative to speak on its behalf per event.  In case there are two representatives, it may be allowed only once a year in a physical event, however, only one person is permissible to present.  The second representative must pay the event fee.

4.        Only sponsors may distribute marketing materials and with prior approval from the TEC Committee.

5.        The TEC Committee reserves the right to revoke membership and consequently one's participation if found to have violated any TEC rules and guidelines. Revoked membership can be restored upon determination of the TEC Committee.

Contact the TEC Energizers for any questions about the The Executive Club:

Enrique Yamzon 

Edwin Duria 

Allan Bautista 

Bobbie Carella 

Charlotte IbaƱez          

Lairine Reodica Sint 

Renz Salata

Email: secretary@pbc-dne.com

WhatsApp: 0562443548 / 0501590139


 connecting people, bridging businesses

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