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pbc-dne election 2023

 Election Guidelines

Composition of the Election Committee

In conjunction with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Philippine Business Council – Dubai and Northern Emirates (PBC-DNE), particularly Clause 9.2, the Election Committee (EC) will administer the election of new members of the board:

1. Election Administrator – administers the election process, creates & and implements guidelines, and screens the qualifications of voting members.

2. Deputy Election Administrator – aids the Election Administrator to ensure the integrity of the election process.

3. Secretary – authenticates the eligibility of voting members and documents the election process, including the final results.

4. Election Observers – supervise the election proceedings and the counting of votes.

5. Adviser – the designated person who will advise the EC must be part of the ExCom.

Procedural Guidelines


1. There are seven vacancies for the board that eligible members may nominate.

2. All eligible members can nominate and be nominated provided that criteria under Clause 9.1 of CBL are fulfilled.

3. The election to nominate the board's new members will be done using the PBC DNE's official online platform.

4. The Election Committee (EC) shall receive the official and verified list of eligible members from the secretariat. Only those who have paid the membership fee and no outstanding dues will be allowed to nominate and be nominated.

5. The list of eligible members will be published through PBC DNE's official website and social media.

6. Eligible members shall receive an email with the link to fill out and cast their nominations. It shall be secret balloting.

Announcement of Nominees and Withdrawal

1. Qualified nominees/candidates will be posted on PBC DNE's official website and social media at least a week after the nomination.

2. Should any nominees/candidates decide to withdraw from the race, it shall formally notify the EC, and the latter shall inform the ExCom. There is a 5-day grace period to withdraw the nomination or candidacy.

3. The EC will formally respond via email to the request of any nominees/candidates on withdrawal status.

4. The official nominees/candidates will be posted on PBC DNE's official website and social media no later than one week from the given 5-day grace period of withdrawal.


1. Nominees/candidates will be given at least a week to campaign their candidacy through the following mediums: Poster or Video promotions.

2. The poster or video promotional materials must be submitted to the EC for approval and posting on PBC social media.

3. The promotional materials will also be sent to the eligible members via email to reinforce the campaign.

Election/Casting of Votes

1. The election or casting votes will be held physically in one of the official events of PBC Dubai and the Northern Emirates. All eligible members are encouraged to attend the gathering and cast their votes.

2. In the event that an eligible member won’t be able to come physically to cast his/her vote due to unavoidable circumstances then the EC will send the official link of ballots for the casting of votes via the member's registered email address.

3. The eligible members are allowed to vote for a maximum of seven candidates. It shall still be secret balloting.

4. After voting, EC shall convene to get the results and validate them.

5. EC shall coordinate with ExCom for the announcement of results.

6. In case of an election protest raised by any candidates due to irregularity, the EC shall convene to hear the case and decide within two (2) weeks based on the Election Guidelines and the CBL.

If an appeal is warranted, the ExCom (excluding the candidates) shall convene and decide whether to affirm or deny EC's decision within thirty (30) days.

The said appeal shall be treated with finality, and EC shall issue a Notice of Resolution to the concerned parties.

5. EC shall facilitate the induction of new officers.

Eligibility of Nominees/Candidates

According to Clause 9.1 of the CBL, the qualifications of any nominees/candidates for the Board of Directors shall be:

1. Filipino citizen

2. Fully paid-up membership fee and no outstanding fees.

3. UAE Resident Visa

4. Good moral character and without a criminal record

5. Must be knowledgeable in their role and culturally fit

6. Have attended at least 35% of hosted and partnered events of the Council for the preceding year.

*Should there be extenuating circumstances arise that would affect the candidate’s eligibility, the EC will convene and will make an appropriate action in conjunction with the existing CBL of the organization.


Nino M. Decenorio- Election Administrator

Ellanie Villena- Deputy Election Administrator

Loradel Segui Pascor – Election Secretary

Frando – Election Officer

Lemuel Africa– Election Officer

Charlotte Ibañez- Adviser

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