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pbc-dne election 2023

 Election Schedule



    There are nine vacancies for the board that eligible members may nominate






    Last date for new membership to participate in the nomination process and to be included in the voters list.


    January 2023



    The Election Committee (EC) shall receive the official and verified list of eligible members from the current Board

    (Only those who have paid the membership fee and no outstanding dues will be allowed to nominate and be nominated.)


    January 2023



    Eligible members shall receive an email from EC with the link to fill out and cast their nominations.

    ( only registered email address as per PBC record will be honored/ counted)


    Wednesday, 08th -15th February 2023




    Qualified nominees/candidates will be posted on PBC DNE's official website and social media


    Saturday, 18th  February 2023

    Tuesday, 21st  February 2023




    A) Nominees/candidates will be given at least a week to campaign their candidacy through the following mediums:

    1. Poster or Video promotions – Optional




    Wed- Tue, 22nd– 28th

    February 2023– Campaign Period 

    Note: Letter to candidates to send a photo and bio, otherwise, PBC Election Committee will refer to the LinkedIn Profile.






    Should any nominees/candidates decide to withdraw from the race, it shall formally notify the EC, through email or via WhatsApp

        From Wednesday- Friday, 22nd -24th  February 2023


    Wednesday- Friday, 22nd -24th   

    February 2023– withdrawal notice 



    The EC will formally respond via email or WhatsApp to the request of any nominees/candidates on withdrawal status.

    In the event of any changes in list EC will announce the final list

    From 5pm to 10pm

    Saturday, 25thnd February 2023

    Sunday 26, February 2023




    Philippine Business Council Directors’ election

    (Date and Place to be announced later.)


    Note: In the event that an eligible member won’t be able to come physically to cast his/her vote due to unavoidable circumstances send an email to EC then he/she must send representative to get the official ballot and return in sealed on or before the election.

    Poll watcher for each candidate is allowed (Optional)






    Saturday, March 04, 2023




    Same day on the election after counting.

    Saturday, March 04, 2023




    General Body Meeting to take oath from the new directors and hand over the responsibility to the new board of directors.

    Vote of thanks for the outgoing Board members etc. (EC, PBC outgoing and incoming board



    Saturday, March 04, 2023




    Additional Notes:

1.     In the event of a ‘tie’ – quorum from the voters during the election itself
2.     Nomination before dinner
3.     Nomination upon arrival on March 04, 2023
4.     PBC Committee
a.     1st e-mail – Nomination
b.     2nd e-mail – nomination rules
c.     3rd e-mail – Website publication/WhatsApp


Nino M. Decenorio-  Election Administrator                          

Ellanie Villena- Deputy Election Administrator

Loradel Segui Pascor – Election Secretary

Frando – Election Officer

Lemuel Africa– Election Officer

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