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Dear member,

The Ministry of Economy (MoE) has offered the golden visas to PBC members. If you are interested, kindly click HERE to register by providing the initial information required from members. 

We anticipate questions from you, like cost, criteria and other documents, These we will know later on. The priority is giving them the information needed from PBC members. 

1. Will all members be awarded the golden visa?  We don't know.

2. What are the criteria to qualify?   We don't know.

2. Will the MoE require other documents?   We don't know.

3. What is the process? Cost?   We don't know.

4. Any other questions - we have no answers yet.

Please note that we have not received other details; however, we will keep you posted on any updates from the MoE after we submit the list.

We are as excited as you are and would like to be optimistic that a number of the members, if not all, will be awarded the golden visa!


The Philippine Business Council - DNE assumes no responsibility or liability if the member's golden visa application is denied - your council does not offer any guarantee as everything is within the sole discretion of the Ministry.


  connecting people, bridging businesses

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