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At  PBC-DNE, we provide opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies interested in the Filipino market in the UAE and Philippine companies who wish to establish their presence in the Emirates through our year-round programs.  Our programs include networking events, special projects, seminars, workshops, and collaborative community endeavors that keep us in touch with the country's multi-cultural business community, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, including Filipino consumers.

If you are part of our market and are looking for business allies and a group that nurtures productivity and a community culture that’s fun and very sociable,  you will feel right at home with the PBC-DNE.

Interested?  Join us as a corporate partner or as an individual professional.  First, view the available corporate levels and benefits, choose which suits your organization best and register online. 

For any questions, please contact PBC-DNE via WhatsApp +971.50.1590139 or email secretary@pbc-dne.com.


  1.   Choose the membership level that suits your organization best. 
    • For Corporate levels, fees and benefits;  click here.  
    • Marketing Professionals Club, click here.
    • Individual membership; click here
  2.    REGISTER and submit your application online, click here.  
  3.    PBC-DNE ExCom will REVIEW your application within one to two weeks. 
  4.    We will notify you once your membership application is APPROVED.
  5.    Please pay your membership fees within the week after your membership is approved and not before.
  6.    We will send you an email once your membership payment is processed.   
  7. Lastly, visit our website's events, programs, and members page to get the full benefit of joining.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us by email to secretary@pbc-dne.com, finance@pbc-dne.com and membership@pbc-dne.com.  You may also reach us by WhatsApp on +971501590139 .

Thank you, and Welcome to PBC-DNE!

PBC-DNE Executive Committee


 connecting people, bridging businesses

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