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Membership Benefits

At PBC-DNE, we provide opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies interested in the UAE market and Philippine companies who wish to establish their presence in the Emirates through our year-round programs. Our programs include networking events, special projects, seminars, workshops, and collaborative community endeavors that keep us in touch with the country's multicultural business community, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Filipino consumers.


You may start as an individual member and gain business and personal skills through our seminars and workshops, plus networking with likeminded members or


Join as a corporate member and experience building stronger ties while endorsing your brands and services to our member community. Further, extend these connections to the international business council groups and Filipino communities.

If you are part of our market and are looking for business allies and a group that nurtures productivity and a community culture that's fun and very sociable, you will feel right at home with the PBC-DNE.

How to join

  1. Select your membership level.
  2. Submit your application online.
  3. PBC-DNE will review your submitted application within 1-2 weeks.
  4. Pay your membership fees.
  5. Download the PBC-DNE mobile app.
  6. Join our events and activities.

Your Application 

Please prepare the following information when you apply online.  Applicants are required to submit a valid Emirates ID, a profile photo, and a valid trade license for a corporate level membership. 

For any questions, you can reach us as any time for assistance. Please whatsapp 0501590139 or email  copy

Associate Members

Individuals who are not Filipino citizens, or Philippine companies, or any business who have certain close connections with the Philippines, and who have demonstrated an affinity towards the Philippines  may apply for Associate Membership subject to the decision of the Membership committee.

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 Fees & Benefits Individuals SME Silver GoldPlatinum 
 Fees (Per Year)  AED 500.00 AED 1,500.00 AED 3,000.00 AED 5,000.00 AED 7,500.00

 Major Sponsorship

*2-3 Minutes Presentation at the Event, *Banner, *Distribute Handouts / Flyers * Logo on Flyers & Invitations, *Any other  marketing & promotions requires approval

 - - -1 2

Minor Sponsorship

*Banner at the Event, * Distribute Handouts / Flyers, *Any other marketing & promotions requires approval

 - 1 2
 Can Register Up to As Many Active Members  1 1 1 2  3
 Can Endorse Up to As Many Holding Companies   1 12
 All of the Active Members May Attend 4 Free Events* per year


 Yes Yes Yes
 Access to Forums, Events and Members YesYes Yes Yes Yes
Members Newsletter Announcement YesYes  Yes Yes Yes
 *TEC, SoBiz     


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