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connecting people, bridging businesses


Each year,  PBC-DNE provides opportunities to its members through various activities including networking events, educational workshops and seminars, not to mention social and charitable programs, as well as collaborative projects with the other business councils of Dubai.  Through its endeavors, the PBC-DNE brings together entrepreneurs, key captains of industries, top executives, as well as UAE and Philippine government dignitaries.  Click on calendar of events to see what's lined up for this year or register to our upcoming events.


a landmark event gathering captains of industries,  entrepreneurs, top executives with UAE and Philippine dignitaries. 

created as a platform for connecting foreign and Philippine businesses towards mutual development and growth.


a  3 day electrifying festival celebrating the rich and beautiful arts and culture of the Philippines 

a platform showcasing the artwork of UAE-based Pinoy artists to a regional and international audience

a festival that connects the Filipino diaspora in UAE through a curated series of exhibitions and performances 


Inspiring the new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs contributing to community recognition & welfare

Promoting it's main advocacy of inspiring the new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs in the emirates, the PBC-DNE participates in various activities the whole year round in collaboration with other Filipino community groups in the country.  These shared endeavors also include charitable projects in aid of our kababayans.  In part of the association's important role is also the representation of Filipino entrepreneurs in the larger multi-cultural business community in the emirate. 

PBC-DNE realizes this function by actively participating in events for business associations from all over the world, as well as in projects initiated by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

socializing for business

aims to connect members, non-members and businesses through series of networking activities in a much friendly and chilled environment.

education for business

one of the PBC’s education forums that aims to provide more training and academic background to Overseas Filipinos who wish to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, expertise and literacy.

Under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General – dubai, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), PBC Fellowship is an 8-month program designed for filipinos with an increasing interest to start a business in the United Arab Emirates.

generating business (genbiz) refers to today's generation of Global Filipinos that aspire to have their own businesses or already have businesses and are seeking guidance and assistance from fellow seasoned Filipino business owners or industry practitioners to push and further grow their respective businesses.

3k sa polo

kumikislap na kasiyahan at kainan. a yearly christmas tree lighting ceremony for the philippine overseas labor office-overseas workers welfare administration (polo-owa) wards. 


 connecting people, bridging businesses

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