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connecting people, bridging businesses


Welcome to TEC Forum!  This page is for TEC members use only. 

Please use this forum/ page to post and reply to messages from members.  Use this online forum to collaborate, share and discuss ideas, and don't forget to subscribe!  



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1. To join all Forum Topics, please select "Subscribe to Forum."

2. To join a particular Topic, please select  "Subscribe to Topic." 

3. To create a Topic,  please click on CREATE TOPIC.  You can use possible Forum Topics below. 

4. The Forum Netiquette will help guide you on the dos & don'ts when sharing ideas.

5. Make this Forum work for your benefit!  


Sunday Synergy

Lagaring Linggo  –  this is a great place to seek or offer services or products for collaboration

Ito Kami!  –  introduce your team that offers the solutions / synergy

Monday Mastery

Lathalang Lunes  –  share biz news, podcast vlog, blogs, biz articles

Isali Natin Sila  – 3rd party videos, e.g., TED Talk, interviews of business mavens / Phil govt officials (DTI etc) / Fil non-profit orgs (PCE’s Go Negosyo)

Tuesday Tips & Teachings

Magkaisang Martes  –  share your expertise and learn from others

Alam Mo Ba?  –  Tips, Tricks and How -Tos

Wednesday Wins

Mercado Myerkoles  –  do you have giveaways, discounts, promos? Post them HERE!

Sali ang PBC  –  occasional vouchers offered by your council

Thursday Togetherness

Wastong Websayt Webes  –  share your website, check out others, get/give feedback

Halu-halo Huebes  – this is where we feature you, our awesome member!

Friday Fun

Balitang Byernes  –  share your selfie and have a bit of fun

Bwenas Byernes  –  always take time celebrate your company’s good news and congratulate others too. Share them here

Saturday Special

Spatlayt Sabado  –  blatantly advertise your business and events

AnoPa?  –  find out what’s coming up in the week ahead. if you are scheduled to do an expert live tell us about it or if you are running your own event then share it too


  • Since access to the site is open to anyone and due to the multinational nature of the forum, please use English. You can refer to Google Translate, as long as the point comes across correctly.
  • In creating a post, please use a clear and concise heading or title for your topic, so people can easily read it.
  • In responding to posts created by others, ensure to stick to the topic. Don’t post anything irrelevant. Be brief. Also, before asking a question or creating a new topic or thread, read previous forum posts. Verify if such question has previously been raised or such topic has already been addressed. Ensure no repetition.
  • Accord respect to all forum members at all times, refraining from using offensive, sarcastic, abusive or disrespectful comments. If you feel the need to disagree, do so politely.
  • Contents that tend to exhibit bias, hate, racism, vulgarity, sexual and provocative is not permitted. It's also not an avenue for gossiping.
  • Since the discussion is for academic purpose, citing the source is encouraged to avoid plagiarism. It will also be helpful for others to verify the same. Please abstain from posting any copyright-infringing materials.
  • The forum is a discussion board and shall not be used for self-promotion or advertisement. If you prefer, you can avail PBC’s marketing medium instead, separately. (Please contact our secretariat).
  • The forum shall not be used to seek help from forum members or anyone.
  • Please be careful in posting any of your personal information or others as this is a public forum.
  • If the forum moderator feels that there’s a violation of any these guidelines, it will be flagged for moderation. If not rectified, the post may be deleted. Temporary or permanent ban can also be enforced to any users depending on the severity of the infraction. The ban can be lifted only when the matter has been resolved with the moderator.


  connecting people, bridging businesses

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