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Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes

"My warmest congratulations to the Philippine Business Council – Dubai and the Northern Emirates for the ingenuity of the council to share relevant, informative and up to date news with the Filipino business community through “NewsBiz”.

These pandemic times have made it undeniably difficult for the global economy to move further through the same processes and procedures it has followed since time immemorial. Lockdown measures have put halt on the wheels of the global market, pinning the hopes of everyone to recoup the losses brought about by the crisis. I admire the passion of PBC-DNE in its continued efforts to be a platform to initiate innovative ways to foster aggressive economic exchanges between the Philippines and the Emirates keeping in mind health protocols and post-Covid realities. I hope that these efforts of the council to support Philippine businesses in UAE will continue to further the economic interests of the community and promote an even stronger cooperation among its members.

Again, congratulations to all PBC-DNE members, the executive committee, and its partners for all your hard work and achievements."


Consul General

Dear NewsBiz readers, 

It’s been a busy month for PBC-DNE with the successful launch and first meeting of The Executive Club and the first EduBiz Online LearningOur FB and Linked-in accounts have never been more active and buzzing.  Thanks to Lhotte for her dedication to the cause!

At PBC-DNE, we say you never walk alone.  Join our different business groups to widen your network, strengthen your business capabilities, further your business reach and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs. The League of Freight Forwarders (LFF), and TEC are our signature member groups for freight forwarders, and Filipino decision-makers, respectively. 

Join us! Please visit


1. Message: Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes

2. Upcoming Events:

  • The 2nd Executive Club - Zoom Meet
  • EduBiz: UAE Digital Marketing Trends For 2021 by Astrolab

3. Corporate Members In Focus:

  • The Melrish Studio
  • Crystal Cargo UAE

4. Sneak Peak: Lamentasyon - the movie

5 . Past events:

  • The Executive Club Launch & First Meeting
  • EduBiz: Smart Client Acquisition in the New Normal by Phil Bedford


The Executive Club Zoom Meeting 

 4:00 - 5:30 PM

 April 15, Thursday

Inviting TEC members to join the next networking event via zoom.

Ask your TEC members what you need.  Tell your story. 

Click to Register

EduBiz: UAE Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

3:00 - 4:00 PM

April 24, Saturday 

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption in a way we have never seen before. It has also massively affected the way businesses adapt to digitization. In this workshop, you will get an opportunity to get up to speed on the main digital marketing trends to expect in 2021 and where technology will move the world next!

Open to PBC-DNE members and non-members.

Click to Register


The Melrish Studio has a team of creative photographers and videographers with a mission to save the world from boring photos and videos! Founded by Melon + Arish (wifey & hubby), these accomplished and creative storytellers, with their crew, will give you works of art, images that will make your heart skip a bit or take your breath away and videos that will tell your brand narrative. 

For your photography, film, animation, social media content and management and website design and development need, please, contact:

 0527629512 or 048836787

Special discounts await all PBC-DNE members who want their special stories to be told. 

Crystal Cargo is a locally owned and globally connected logistics solution partner for a host of reputed multinational companies, global agencies, regional corporate enterprises and private individuals.

R.R. Rajendra, CEO is a veteran when it comes to the freight forwarding and logistics industry in the Gulf Region. In a career spanning 48 years, Rajendra has made noteworthy contributions to the regional logistics reputation.


Pedro Caronan Jr. / Andrew Aragon

     0501158203 / 0555610709 /

Crystal’s Balikbayan Box Service is now running exciting sales promotions. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram for more details.



Movie Showing at Reel Cinema, Al Ghurair, Deira 

April 8:  8:00 PM 

      April 9: 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM  

For tickets and more information, please contact:

Kevin Ocampo 052.3641993 or Vhie Laurilla 052 9070215

Lamentasyon is about the story of Samuel, portrayed by Jiro Tejero, a newly hired chef, and his struggles from his avaricious mother, played by Vhie Laurilla, and being away from his younger sister portrayed by Mariah Jewel Pencil. Samuel experienced strange occurrences that made him distrustful of everyone, including himself—with the help from Gerry, played by Arnold Briones, his roommate, who seems to be aware of what's happening with Samuel. Both meet their end with a peculiar revelation that makes the embodiment of Lamentasyon.

The film "Lamentasyon" features a wide cast, characters, and crews with the special participation of iconic personalities within the Filipino communities in the U.A.E., namely Yasmin Balajadia-Cortez, Kevin Ocampo, Virgo Cueto, Rachelle Claire Melchor, Miah Alimajen, Dan Mark Diokno, Emerson Ugay and many more.


PBC-DNE's The Executive Club

The Executive Club, attended by 75 decision-makers on its launch and first meeting, opens the way for Filipinos to network and continue learning from and of supporting and promoting each other. In short, this exclusive group will champion one another.

 For more information on how to join, visit or 

EduBiz's The Smart Client Acquisition in the New Normal

PBC-DNE’S first EduBiz is a great hit to our attendees! Lessons learned from our expert presenter Phil Bedford will resonate with our attendees for a long time. 

Few tips from Phil Bedford:

  • Networking is not cold calling face to face or passing your business cards. it is more than that.
  • 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.
  • Referred clients are 2.5 times to re-refer you
  • Referred clients stay 4 times longer
  • Phil mentioned that attending a zoom meeting means showing yourself on video.  Imagine attending a face-to-face meeting with a paper bag on your head—a fascinating analogy.   

Winners of  Radisson Blue Hotel Dinner Coupons!

Daisy Calabia

Elizabeth Masaoy

Jean Sy

Joey Rendon

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